April 24, 2024

Meet The Team

Welcome to Project Rethink, the ultimate online destination where technology, sports, and gaming collide. Our website is your go-to resource for all things tech-sport-gaming, providing you with the latest news, insights, and trends from these dynamic and interconnected worlds.

At Project Rethink, we understand that technology is revolutionizing the way we experience sports and gaming. Whether it’s advancements in virtual reality, wearable devices, or esports, we delve into the exciting ways that technology is shaping the future of these industries. From exploring how artificial intelligence is enhancing athletic performance to discussing the latest gaming consoles and virtual reality headsets, we keep you informed about the cutting-edge innovations that are changing the game.

Larry Osborne

Meet Larry Osborne, the visionary founder of Project Rethink and a true connoisseur of all things gaming and tech gadgets. As a seasoned gamer himself, he understands the transformative power of gaming and how it has become an integral part of our culture. With his expertise in the tech world, Larry stays ahead of the curve, constantly seeking out the latest gadgets and advancements that push the boundaries of what’s possible. Through Project Rethink, Larry shares his knowledge, experiences, and recommendations with fellow enthusiasts, inspiring them to embrace the ever-evolving world of tech and gaming. Get ready to be inspired and join Larry on an exhilarating journey of rethinking what’s possible in the realm of technology, gaming, and beyond.

Felix Mouton

Introducing Felix Mouton, the dynamic publisher behind Project Rethink and an ardent sports fan. With a deep-rooted love for all things sports-related, Felix brings his passion for athletics to the forefront of Project Rethink’s content. From the thrilling world of professional sports to the latest trends in sports technology, Felix ensures that readers are always at the forefront of what’s happening. As a publisher, he curates engaging articles, insightful interviews, and captivating stories that capture the essence of sports and its impact on our lives. Whether it’s the triumphs and tribulations of athletes, the strategies behind winning teams, or the transformative power of sports in society, Felix’s dedication shines through in every piece. Join Felix on the Project Rethink journey and let his expertise and enthusiasm for sports elevate your understanding and enjoyment of this incredible realm.

Ending Note

But it doesn’t stop there! Project Rethink embraces the gaming community and provides a platform for gamers of all levels. Whether you’re a casual player or an esports enthusiast, we offer tips, guides, and reviews to help you level up your gaming skills. Stay up to date with the latest game releases, discover hidden gems, and learn about esports tournaments that you won’t want to miss.